Best. Creative. Outlet. Ever.

Everbright is a giant interactive art installation for people who recognize patterns in everything. Turn a disc to dial in any color of the rainbow. With hundreds of color dials, it’s perfect for teams.

Photo credit: Everbright at Cantor Fine Art Gallery

Photo credit: Everbright at Cantor Fine Art Gallery

They’re on fire! They’re unstoppable! They never want to go home! They’re… playing with color dials? See why this is surprisingly effective.

It's electric! How to light people up using Everbright:

  1. Solve hard problems faster. Everbright refreshes hard-working brains. Unconscious minds are free to work through hard problems as hands tinker with this screen-free, device-free, interruption-free, tactile toy. It’s like a giant “refresh” button for the brain.
  2. Embolden your team. Gratitude and trust don’t need to be spelled out literally. Give people a direct experience of it, every day. Never let your team forget how much you appreciate them.
  3. Zero awkward happy hours. You don’t need beer to forge long-lasting connections. As five people stand, side by side, turning dials, they strike up a non-forced conversation. They make something awesome together. They become friends.
  4. Say “I Love You” to introverts. And extroverts, too. Anyone can find something to talk about when they’re dialing in their favorite colors, side by side.
  5. Keep motivational speeches mercifully brief. No need for daily rally-the-troops speeches. Engagement is an inside job.
  6. Make breaks productive. Create an environment where people naturally engage with each other, and where people feel refreshed and replenished every time they step away from their desks.
  7. Engage right out of the box. Everbright uses all three of the scientifically-proven elements needed for engagement: Autonomy, relatedness, and competence.
  8. Make your art interactive. No need for try-hard motivational posters. Inspired by everyone’s favorite childhood toy the Lite-Brite, Everbright is 42x bigger. It’s creative, interactive, and effortlessly repeatable.

When you can offer all these things to your team, you will have a highly addictive workspace where people are absolutely killing it at work.

The Business Case for Everbright 

By installing everbright instead of gaming tables and digital displays, a company can: 

  • Engage 7x more people than a gaming table, without needing more floor space. 
  • Increase retention by connecting people through shared creativity . 
  • Entertain all ages and personalities, without screens or overstimulation. 
  • Resell easily, or make a charitable donation.

Engage one, engage all.

Everbright lets you engage one to fifteen people in the same compact space at the same time, while giving each person an autonomous, open-ended experience of creative play. People can experiment with color, patterns, geometry, and screen-free technology. No removable parts mean there are no barriers to creativity, and no costs to stopping. In a workplace, Everbright shows visitors that this is the kind of company that celebrates creativity and diversity. They will be seen and appreciated here.

Abolish awkward conversations. 

Ideal for spaces where awkward, forced conversations might ensue, Everbright gives people a way to interact that doesn't force an interaction to happen. There’s no manual or playbook required. A two-year-old can create as easily as a 92-year-old. Turn a dial, watch it change color. Personality and mood determine what happens next. Some thoughtful types are content to stand there turning the same dial endlessly. More adventurous types like to run their hands across the entire board to see how many dials they can turn at once. Everbright lets anyone create their own experience. Visitors of all ages and dispositions feel instantly connected through open-ended creativity. Five people stand side by side, turning dials. They begin to collaborate, almost by accident. A crowd gathers. Phones appear. The design is complete. Someone erases the board. Gasp! New faces step up to answer the call of this giant, empty canvas of black dials. 


No footprint, get rid of unsightly gaming table sprawl. 

A mid-range shuffleboard table runs several thousand dollars, takes up several dozen square feet, is limited to two users, and only engages people who like to play shuffleboard. It is inappropriate for lobbies and other spaces frequented by visitors. Unlike gaming tables and even screens, Everbright easily engages up to fifteen people at once, without taking up extra square footage. Uniquely interactive with its open-ended approach to creativity, Everbright is appropriate for lobbies and other spaces that have visitors of all ages. With no removable parts, there are no barriers to creativity, and no costs to stopping play. Ad hoc teams can collaborate on designs, experiment, and break free from their usual thinking patterns with kinetic, tactile, creative play.

Screen-free interactivity for every age and temperament. 

Everbright is one of the only interactive displays that appeals to people on the autism spectrum. Because the dials must be turned to change color, users receive immediate feedback that they can control. There are so few activities in communal spaces that engage people across the spectrum. 

Classic looks, field-tested by the world's toughest users, 
10-year-old boys in science museums.   

Everbright is installed at numerous museums, libraries, offices, attractions, private residences, and hotels throughout the world. Dress it up or dress it down, it is equally at home in a luxury hotel’s art gallery as it is in a children’s museum. In the unlikely event a company ever rethinks the wisdom of the decision to install an Everbright, it shouldn’t be difficult to recoup at least a portion of the investment. Any museum, school, library, or nonprofit organization would happily purchase a pre-owned Everbright, or accept it as a charitable donation.   

Here are some more ways Everbright helps your employee engagement, attraction, and retention.


1. IT'S FUN.

Yes, Everbright is undeniably fun. Like a dancefloor for ideas.


As soon as you see Everbright, you want to play with it.


5 seconds ago, you barely knew each other. Now, Lindsey from Finance is your new best friend.


It’s the perfect toy to reward and celebrate your team, without keeping them up all night.

5. ROI

Everbright delivers a highly effective return on investment, when you consider the costs of hiring and retaining top talent and keeping them engaged.


Not just creatives. (Because everyone is creative.)


This interactive art is designed to engage people in a way we have almost forgotten about. Just turn the dials.


And other top talent. Engineers love to tinker endlessly. Therefore, they are guaranteed to love Everbright.

Yes, it looks like a giant Lite-Brite. But it does things no Lite-Brite has ever done before. Here’s everything Everbright can do.


  • No removable parts
  • Built with a durable, high-end organic wood product
  • Black color is dyed into the material, cannot chip or scratch off, and resists sunlight
  • Contains LED lights, which last more than a decade under regular use
  • Colors appear bright in sunlight, and are mesmerizing in the dark
  • Hundreds of dials produce every color of the rainbow
  • Erases with the touch of a button
  • Sizes to fit any wall
  • Pre-set animations and seed patterns included
  • Customizable options, from size to animations


Want to keep people engaged and creative?

The impact of Everbright is not subjective. It adheres to a scientifically validated theory for what people need to be engaged and motivated at work. This is a toy that is so much more than a toy. It recreates the exact conditions required for long-lasting, sustainable, internal employee engagement. They are autonomy, relatedness, and competence.  

Wouldn't a ping pong table evoke the same kind of engagement?

Ping pong tables and video games do not create the three elements employees need to be engaged. Everbright does:

  • Autonomy. Everbright doesn't force you into its rules. It allows you to create your own rules, every time.
  • Relatedness. Only two people can play ping pong (or most games) at once. Ten people can play Everbright at once. Also, it highlights your existing workspace rather than overtaking it. It starts conversations you never would have had without it.
  • Competence. A game demands a certain level of competence. If that level is significantly higher than a person's current level, they feel defeated rather than motivated. There's a learning curve with ping pong and games like pong. You are either good, or not good. Once you master the game, you get bored. Everbright is both challenging and easy. You can't master it because there's always a new way to create. 

Why did you build this?

Everbright was designed for a high-tech world whose people still have analog desires. We have forgotten how to live without a device sending us push notifications about the iPad workout we just missed because our nano wasn't synced to the iPhone that was supposed to record the steps we took to work. Give the special team in your life the gift of real, human connections and engagement and creativity. You can't put a price on that kind of motivation.