This is not a touchscreen.

Everbright is not a touch screen, but you should definitely touch it. 

You've Facetimed in Paris. You've danced before motion-sensing screens. You've captured tiny beasts with your smartphone. You've jumped off cliffs into virtual reality.

What's left to discover today? How about your own creative genius? Plus geometry. Plus color perception. Plus patterns. And, as a bonus, the wonders of group creativity.   

Everbright is a surprising throwback to everyone's favorite toy from the 80s, the Lite-Brite.

This giant interactive light wall is a modern twist on a classic bestseller. Everbright was designed by a technology-obsessed neuroscientist, artist, and Exploratorium alum named Dr. Alan Rorie to reward the nervous system with tactile, open-ended play and creativity. There are no touchscreens, and no removable pegs. Hundreds of color dials rotate endlessly in either direction through the color spectrum.  

Creativity never stopped being tactile. 

Think back to the days before touch screens. Remember when our hands and eyes worked as a true team? Before the days of poking, back when we felt lucky to have levers, or even a dial? Now think back even further, before the days of dials, when we would pick up a rock and examine it, turning it over and over in our hands, feeling its texture with our fingers. Thousands of years of brain development have rewarded and reinforced this act of picking up and object, turning it with the fingers, and observing its colors and patterns with our eyes.

Our tools have changed. We haven't.  

No longer do our lives depend on our ability to pick up rocks, apples, and sticks and closely examine them. But we still have a need to examine and create with our hands and eyes, and to have mastery, meaning, and autonomy. Our use of technology has not diminished our need to be creative. 

Everyone's a designer now, yet no one has time to create?  

No one has time to create anymore. If you only have a few minutes, you’re going to opt for something with an easy and obvious starting and ending point, like checking email, texting, or liking a photo. 

So often, what is easy is also unsatisfying. You’re interacting with another screen. You’re poking with your finger. As humans, we are not satisfied with this interaction. Our brains and our bodies crave something more.

Not another touchscreen.

How about a few hundred tactile color dials? In designing Everbright, we wanted to remove every barrier to creativity. There is nothing to keep you from jumping in and immediately creating and playing with color, geometry, and patterns. And there is no reason why you would ever need to stop.  

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