Stealing, and other things you can do with Everbright / by Kelly Parkinson

Karaoke. Tribute bands. Dance contests. Bake-offs. You've been stealing all your life, and you love it. This is why a giant blank canvas feels so awkward. Especially in public. Creativity thrives on constraints. It's hard to be be creative when everyone is watching.

For all those awkward artists out there who long to create like they do when no one is watching, Everbright now comes with a new capability. This new feature celebrates the relationship between inspiration and creativity. 

It's not stealing. It’s art.

 Photo credit: Cantor Fine Art Gallery

Photo credit: Cantor Fine Art Gallery

Steal like an artist.
Introducing Seed Mode on Everbright. 

Seed Mode is the latest innovation to come from the workshop of Dr. Alan Rorie, Everbright’s principal designer. It is the ultimate creative prompt. 

Watch this video of people interacting with Everbright for the first time at Cantor Fine Art Gallery to see how seed mode inspires creativity: (start at 1 minute, 58 seconds

Unlike the pre-set animations the original Everbright shipped with, seed mode invites you to collaborate directly with the artist/designer. 

Dials light up, one by one, to form a series of beautiful patterns, almost as if operated by an unseen hand. 

When you twist a dial, the seed pattern freezes in place, allowing you to build on the design of your choosing. 

Great artists steal. So go right ahead. 

Seed patterns are shipping now. They can be built into a new Everbright, or uploaded into an existing board.   

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