One canvas. Many creative possibilities. 

Everbright gives each individual a unique channel for creative expression.

Here are a few more reasons why people love this giant, interactive light wall.   


Classic looks, new-fangled technology.  

Everbright was designed to look as clean and as minimal as possible, like a blank slate. Blackness, waiting to be lit. The point was to strip away all the things that get in the way of people creating and exploring with colors, patterns, and geometry.


One of the coolest things about having an Everbright is getting to watch people discover it for the first time. 

Everbright was designed to have a satisfying simplicity of cause and effect. Turn a dial, and it changes colors. The more you turn it, the more colors it reveals. There is a clear action/reaction loop between the participant and the piece. 

Once visitors discover these are dials, not touch screens or pegs, they're addicted. Every dial becomes a colorful revelation. The board will never run out of colors, and they will never run out of design possibilities.

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Run away with creativity, not parts

There are no removable pegs. We've removed those, and all other barriers to creativity. Instead of removable pegs with a limited selection of individual colors, this alternative to the giant Lite-Brite has dials that change in hue as you twist them, offering almost unlimited color possibilities when creating designs. When you’re done drawing, the entire board resets to a blank canvas with the press of a button. 

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Engage one, engage all, without regard to age, gender, or size of crowd. Whether your community consists of thousands of people a day just passing through, or an intimate family of innovators and likeminded folks in offices, Everbright does not discriminate. Everbright is one of the few installations that truly appeals to all ages. From babies to grandparents. 

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Everbright enables people to create, to have a meaningful experience that can last 30 seconds or three hours. Hundreds of dials twist in either direction to produce every color of the rainbow. 

Explore colors, experiment with subtle differences between hues, design abstract patterns and geometric shapes.

No stopping point, 
and no barrier to creativity.

Multiuser creativity that is actually beautiful. 

Your cross-functional team's ideas are beautiful. Now their art can be, too. No, really. Unlike group brainstorming sessions, group painting, or karaoke, Everbright allows groups to actually create something they would want to save, capture, remember, and celebrate. Group creativity can be beautiful. 

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Alluring animations.

Photo credit: Cantor Fine Art Gallery

Photo credit: Cantor Fine Art Gallery

Despite its primary intent as an open-ended device for creativity, Everbright can also run pre-set animations, seed patterns, and other custom, branded interactions. 

That is just some of what it can do. 

Far more interesting, though, is what your community will do with it.