The library of the future will be surprisingly tactile.


Interactive, creative, maker space, open-ended play, STEAM, multi-generational appeal. The wish list for libraries is long.

Everbright is an interactive light wall that checks off every item on a library's wish list with a single installation.

Inspired by the Light-Brite, Everbright is a huge grid of hundreds of adjustable LED dials that rotate endlessly in either direction through the color spectrum.

Screen-free interactivity for every age and temperament. Everbright is one of the only interactive displays that appeals to people on the autism spectrum. Because the dials must be turned to change color, users receive immediate feedback that they can control. There are so few activities in communal spaces that engage people across the spectrum. 

No removable parts. It's ideal for libraries because there are no removable parts, and it brings the experience of modern innovation without introducing another touchscreen. 

Multi-generational. Some libraries plan to install it in a teen space. Others consider it for an early-childhood-education area. Still others choose to install it in a common area to be enjoyed by all ages at once. 

Durable. Designed to withstand the relentless enthusiasm of 10-year-old boys, Everbright is one of the few STEAM-inspired exhibits that fascinates their parents as well. 

This alternative to the traditional giant Lite-Brite
lets kids run away with creativity, not parts. 

Yes, it looks like a giant Lite-Brite. But it does things no Lite-Brite has ever done before. Here’s everything Everbright can do.

  • No removable parts
  • Built with a durable, high-end organic wood product
  • Black color is dyed into the material, cannot chip or scratch off, and resists sunlight
  • Contains LED lights, which last more than a decade under regular use
  • Colors appear bright in sunlight, and are mesmerizing in the dark
  • Hundreds of dials produce every color of the rainbow
  • Erases with the touch of a button
  • Sizes to fit any wall
  • Mesmerizing pre-set seed patterns included
  • Customizable options, from size, to color, to animations

It's scientific. How Everbright builds community through creativity:

  • Incorporate science and STEAM. Everbright can inspire brand-new content or fit into existing themes on color perception, kinetics, STEAM, geometry, and open-ended play and creativity.     

  • Instantly create. We’ve removed every barrier to creating. Instead of removable pegs with a limited selection of individual colors, Everbright’s dials change in hue as you twist them, offering almost unlimited color possibilities when creating designs.

  • Erase with the press of a button. When you’re done drawing, the entire board resets to a blank canvas with the press of a single button. 

  • Attract with mesmerizing seed patterns. While fully interactive, it can also come with several pre-set seed patterns that inspire people to jump in and begin creating.