Hasbro’s Lite-Brite is one of those brilliantly simple toys that has stood the test of time. It doesn’t need an upgrade—at least that’s what we thought until we saw this giant Everbright board that replaces those colored plastic pegs with dials that can reproduce any color you can imagine.

Gizmodo :: A Gigantic Upgraded Lite-Brite With Color-Changing Dials Instead of Pegs

the ‘everbright’ is a huge, highly-precise piece of legit-ness, 42 times as large as the original lite-brite. the design has been optimized, with all removable parts taken out of the equation. a simple turn of any of the boards 464 dials presents users with every color under the rainbow, including black and white thanks to LED technology. when done creating, a press of a button erases the canvas and resets dials to their default.

designboom :: hero design creates everbright, a digital lite-bright that’s 42x bigger

Instead of only a limited selection of individual colors, the Everbright relies on 464 dials that change in hue as you twist them, offering almost unlimited color possibilities when creating designs.


Colossal :: Everbright: A Giant Interactive Light Toy That’s Like a Lite-Brite for Grown-Ups

Lite-Brite, the most fought after toy in your kindergarten classroom, has been upgraded and the results are glorious.


Hopes&Fears :: Everbright is a bigger, badder Lite-Brite for grown-ups

Hero Design thought they could come with a bigger, better, more contemporary take on the Lite-Brite ... So they did.

—Fast Company Design

Fast Company Design :: A Giant Lite-Brite For Designers (And Other Grown-Ups)

Everbright is an artistic device by Hero Design that lets users adjust dials that change color as they are turned to create abstract patterns and displays, like a giant version of a Lite-Brite.

—Laughing Squid

Laughing Squid :: Everbright, An Artistic Device Made up of Adjustable Color Dials That Let Users Create Abstract Patterns and Displays

Everbright is...more sophisticated, for those of us who pretend to be adults.


Neatorama :: Everbright Is Like Lite-Brite for Grown-Ups