Alan Rorie, PhD
Partner, Principal Designer

Alan Rorie is a designer, fabricator, and artist. Trained as a scientist with a PhD in Neuroscience from Stanford, Alan applies his insights into how the brain makes decisions to create products that trigger unforgettable experiences. A self-taught designer and fabricator, he forges objects with a mix of technologies and materials–like interactive walls, electric guitars, flatpack animation stations, and even the occasional rocketship. Alan has been featured in the science journal Nature, the technology and culture publication Wired, and an array of blogs and web-pages. His scientific work has been published in Science, PLoS and The Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience. He has been a fellow at The Exploratorium, the museum of science, art and human perception, and a researcher at the National Institute of Mental Health and New York University. He also produces art under the name Almost Scientific.


Art, Science and Experimentation: A lecture on art and science, and a live experiment of The Uira Engine (November 16, 2010)
The Relationship Between Art and Science, National Cancer Institute Fellows Colloquium (March 17-19, 2010)
Dog Park Science Part 2: The Neurobiology of Dog Training, The Exploratorium Science Colloquium (December 2, 2009)
Science, Art and Bay Area Culture, Seminar on Scientific Visualization at University of Colorado, Boulder (October 8, 2009)
Dog Park Science Part 1: The Evolution of Dogs, The Exploratorium Science Colloquium (April 22, 2009)


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Modulation of oscillatory neuronal synchronization by selective visual attention. P. Fries, J.H. Reynolds, A. Rorie and R. Desimone; Science; 2001 Feb 23;291(5508):1560-3.


Kelly Parkinson

Kelly Parkinson oversees the business side of Hero Design's operations. Prior to Hero Design, she ran a marketing firm called Copylicious, where she generated leads for numerous Fortune-100 and startup clients.