The Everbright is an interactive art installation that invites people of all ages and abilities to create and play with color and patterns. Inspired by the Light-Brite, it’s a huge grid of hundreds of adjustable LED dials that turn endlessly in either direction through the color spectrum. Weight and dimensions vary based on unit size. Everbright should be installed in an indoor, climate-controlled environment. 

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Everbright requires a standard 120V American power outlet directly behind the unit. It ships with a low-profile plug and a 6-foot cord, and draws an average of 6 amps. The power supplies accept an input of 88-264 VAC at 47-63 Hz, which means they can also work in Europe and most parts of the world. They meet all EU and US standards for power supplies.

Standalone unit

Everbright mounts flush with the wall and does not require any additional ventilation or external connections.


Everbright’s exterior is made of highly-durable, designer-synthetic material. The board and dials were designed for enthusiastic daily use by children. There are no removable parts. The black matte surface doesn’t chip and can’t be scratched away.

Everbright is self-contained. It has a redundant power supply. Each pixel has redundant LEDs. Should one pixel fail, the other pixels will be unaffected. Everbright’s modular electronics make parts straightforward to replace.


Detailed documentation is included. In the event support is needed, call us. We will walk you through any repairs needed by email, phone, or video for as long as you own your Everbright.


Everbright mounts securely to any flat surface using a French cleat, which is included.


We offer a three-year warranty on all replaceable parts. These include the DC power supplies, the dials, the individual LED boards, and the on-board computer. If you need a replacement part, call us. We will send replacement parts at no cost to you, with free shipping anywhere in the contiguous United States. The unit will need to be removed from the wall first.

One-year warranty

While Everbright was primarily designed as a creativity tool to explore color and geometry, it also displays dynamically generated animations and seed patterns.

Animations and seed patterns

Everbright’s LED lights look stunning and vivid in direct sunlight. And they’re mesmerizing in the dark.

Vivid colors in any light

When you’re done drawing, the entire board can resets to a blank canvas.

Erase with a button